The heatwave of the past few weeks has taught us that we’re not as prepared for summer as we thought… What do we wear? Do we need suncream? How can we COOL DOWN?!

Here are our suggestions for the best ways to keep cool in the Jewellery Quarter while enjoying the sunshine…

  1. Grab an iced coffee from Lunchi 

We feel like the obvious answer to a hot, sticky day in the JQ is always an iced coffee. Lunchi do delicious, thick iced coffees to take away, also offering soya milk, decaf, and a range of tasty syrups. If you want a tan, there’s the option of sitting outside and enjoying your cooling drink in the Golden Square, admiring our impressive Chamberlain Clock Tower.

You can get 10% off at Lunchi with the JQ Card! Ask at the Lunchi counter to get yours, or online at

        2. Visit The Hive’s rooftop garden 

We mentioned The Hive Cafe’s new Heritage Hub project in our last blog post, and now it’s open to the public! Seeing the microfarm where the cafe grow their own ingredients put into their daily-changing menus is the perfect way to spend a sunny day in the JQ.

Credit to @amurphy63 on Twitter


         3. Cool down with a cider slushy from Rose Villa Tavern

If you’re not the coffee type, then this is the answer for you. Rose Villa Tavern have taken Old Rosie rhubarb cider and turned it into an ice-cold SLUSHY. Is there a conceivably better way to stay cool in the JQ? We think not.

Even better, Rose Villa Tavern offer 10% off with the JQ Card! (…You already know where to get it.)


        4. Try an alcoholic ice lolly at the new Arch 13 bar (subject to availability)

Yes, you read that correctly. The relatively newly-opened Arch 13 on Livery St came up with the ingenious idea of making alcoholic ice lollies. Flavours including: white wine spritzer, Aperol spritz and margarita… Need we say more?


5. Choose a refreshing fruit iced tea from Saint Kitchen & sit in St Paul’s Square

Saint Kitchen really are saints when it comes to helping the JQ residents and workforce keep cool in this weather. They’ve introduced their homemade fruity iced teas – sweet, tasty, and satisfyingly cool. And served in a mason jar complete with fresh fruit and a (paper) straw. Yum. Enjoy either in their outside seating area or across the road in the picturesque St Paul’s Square.

P.S. You can get a cheeky 10% off iced teas (or anything else you want) from Saint Kitchen with the JQ Card. Keep cool and save!


6. Enjoy the sun and 2-4-1 pizza in The Church‘s roof terrace

We’re sure you’ve all heard of Peel & Stone by now. If you haven’t, they’re a homesale bakery based in Harborne that came to JQ’s The Church Inn to make pizzas – and they’re good. The Church’s stunning roof terrace is the perfect spot to indulge on 2-4-1 sourdough pizza (weekday lunchtimes) and soak up the sun.


7. Slurp 40 St Paul’s famous G&T slushies (subject to availability)

40 St Paul’s have really outdone themselves with this new addition to their summer drinks. Let us introduce their elderflower Gin & Tonic ice slushy, your delicious solution for too-hot days. A winner for the entirety of summer, really.


8. Have a swing in The Button Factory’s rooftop bar 

And finally, another unmissable rooftop terrace for you to enjoy (and keep cool in!). The Button Factory have a rooftop bar along Frederick St, complete with not just tables and chairs, but a swing! They serve a large range of beers, cocktails and tapas, as well as proper dinner, all to enjoy out in the fresh air. You can’t go wrong.


Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that the drinks listed above will be available at all times – please ask.