golden square jewellery quarter birmingham

The Golden Square

Workers and residents in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter have been absorbed with the Golden Square since work commenced in front of the multi-story office building, The Big Peg, in February 2014. The work site has formerly been comprised of parking spaces for the office’s tenants.

The Golden Square is one component in Birmingham City Council’s Big City Plan – A series of transformative projects to encourage residents, workers and businesses to visit, live, work and invest in the city, improving the appeal of Birmingham more widely. The scheme for the £1.6 million Golden Square project was funded by Birmingham City Council, the European Regeneral Development Fund (ERDF) and Section 106 Planning Gain monies.

What is the Golden Square?

It’s a public space accessible to all residents and visitors to the Jewellery Quarter, 24 hours a day.

The Square is a combination of three spaces, drawing on the heritage and craft associations of the Quarter – the Orchard, the Promenade and the Plaza.

It can be found on the corner of Warstone Lane and Vyse Street, adjacent to the Chamberlain Clock, the Rose Villa Tavern and, of course, the Big Peg.

What is it used for?

The location is used as a focal point for employees and visitors, for both leisure and work purposes, as well as being used for hosting and organising events to attract more footfall in the area. It helps promote Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter as a tourist destination, aiming to draw public and private investors to the Jewellery Quarter.

Due to the Golden Square’s three distinct spaces, there are plenty of pleasing sights. The Orchard is a tree-lined path leading to the Promenade – an open space allowing access to the existing shops and cafes. Meanwhile, the Plaza holds benches and a retail unit. The design of the Square was carefully considered in order to fit snugly with the stunning architecture of  Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and its history and heritage.

The Square is an iconic attraction and vital addition to the area; it can truly be said to put the Jewellery Quarter on the map!