For many years now, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, has been a place of historical interest in city’s heritage.

Described by English Heritage ‘a national treasure’, Birmingham’s gem oozes historical delights.
The Quarter can be located in the south of the Hockley area of Birmingham and undoubtedly holds the largest concentration of wholesale and retail jewellery manufacturers in all of Europe.

Of the most notable landmarks in the Jewellery Quarter is Chamberlain Clock, situated on the junction of Vyse Street, Warstone Lane and Frederick Street.

The Jewellery Quarter Clock Tower
Chamberlain Clock in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

The history from the clock dates back to 1903 where it was made in honour of Joseph Chamberlain, who was later an MP for the area in the late 1900s.

Did you know?
Chamberlain Clock was fortunate enough to stand in its original condition for eighty years, however it fell into disrepair. It was repaired in the 80s and stands at the heart of the Quarter until this very day.

Other iconic landmarks in the Birmingham Jewellery are the cemeteries, the Birmingham Assay Office, RBSA Gallery, Chamberlain Clock, the School of Jewellery, St Paul’s Square and Church, The Jam House, the Museum of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, and the Golden Square – which is still in development at this present moment!

Speaking of developments, the birth of the Jewellery Quarter was an indirect result of the sale and developments in the mid-eighteenth century of the Colmore Estate, on the north-western edge of the town.
The Colmore family had lived in a vast Jacobean House, New Hall, which was set in acres and acres of land – now the north-western corner of the junction of Great Charles Street, Queensway and Newhall Street.

Did you know?
Many years ago, items considered as toys were badges, buckles, buttons, corkscrew, watch chains etc. that were produced in the area.

An Act of Parliament had prevented the Colmore’s from selling their estate, in 1746 the restrictions had been lifted.
By 1780, the Quarter’s local directory listed over twenty jewellers, despite the fact there had been more.

The district of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has been operated in for over two centuries and continues to have a varied selection of manufacturers today.

Did you know?
40% of jewellery manufactured in the UK originates from the Jewellery Quarter!

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Not only does has the Quarter been at the forethought of mind’s because of the jewellery that is manufactured in the area, but also because of everything Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has to offer that isn’t jewellery.
Restaurants and bars and boutiques are dispersed around the area, all proving that the Quarter isn’t just about the jewellery.

Being home to over five hundred jewellery business, approximately two hundred listed buildings and the last remaining Georgian Square, visitors are submerged into history and culture, bedazzled by what the Jewellery Quarter offers.

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