Jewellery Quarter Clock captured by Instagrammer


Ask around and a majority of people will know what The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is:
It’s that historical place in Birmingham with lots of jewellery shops, right?

Wrong – Well, it’s definitely true but there is much more to the Jewellery Quarter than that simple statement.

With history stretching over two hundred and fifty years, it has plenty a story to tell…

Fact One: In Titanic, the whistles that were used were manufactured in the Jewellery Quarter!

Fact Two: English poet, Ian McMillan, wrote a poem dedicated to the area.

Fact Three: The Quarter is home to Europe’s largest School of Jewellery, naturally.

Fact Four: 
The Quarter has over two hundred listed buildings, with over a hundred of them being Jewellers. (Jewellery Quarter shops)

Fact Five: 
It was not until the 1820s, when John Mitchell, Josiah Mason and others set up a factory in The Jewellery Quarter to manufacture steel nibs, that their popularity took off.

Fact Six: 
St Paul’s Gallery homes the world’s biggest collection of signed album prints.

Fact Seven: 
The Queen’s birthday honor medals were also produced in the Quarter.

Fact Eight: 
If you know of the BBC hit programme Hustle’, you’ll like to know that it was shot on location in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. 

Fact Nine:
 St Paul’s Square is the only remaining Georgian Square in all of Birmingham.

Fact Ten: 
Over one quarter of the jewellery manufactured in the UK is from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter!

Fact Eleven: 
A local signed band, named ‘The Twang’ recorded an album in the Quarter, and titled it… ‘Jewellery Quarter’.

Fact Twelve:
The Lonsdale boxing champion belts were produced in the Jewellery Quarter.

Fact Thirteen: 
The awards for the PFA and FIFA World Player of the Year were made in the Quarter.

Fact Fourteen: 
Published author, Kathleen Dayus, was born in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Fact Fifteen: 
The original FA Cup was manufactured in the Jewellery Quarter!

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