Now that restrictions have been lifted on weddings, it’s full steam ahead with planning.

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that choosing your wedding ring can be a tough task. After all, it’s a lifelong commitment. 

So, we thought we’d share our top pick to help you with this significant decision. Being in the Jewellery Quarter, we’re forever walking past windows displaying stunning selections of rings. But the one that catches our eye when it comes to wedding rings is the diamond wishbone ring. Here we tell you why.


What are diamond wishbone rings?

You can spot the beautiful diamond wishbone ring by its V-shape point. Named after the wishbone-breaking tradition, these rings are believed to symbolise luck.

Pulling apart the wishbone dates back to ancient Rome and is now a staple of Thanksgiving in America. Two people break the wishbone found in the Turkey or chicken, the person that ends up with the ‘V’ of the wishbone gets to make a wish and have it come true.


Why are diamond wishbone rings popular as wedding rings?

Diamond wishbone rings are often chosen as wedding rings. Since they’re believed to bring good luck, these rings are the perfect token of love, welcoming good fortune into the marriage.

And it’s not only their symbolism that makes the diamond wishbone ring ideal for marriage, it’s also their practicality. When paired with an engagement ring, the wishbone ring can sit comfortably underneath. The V shape conveniently fits around the stone of your engagement ring, protecting it from scratches.


How do you wear a diamond wishbone ring?

It’s common to think that, because of its shape, wearing the ring pointing up or down gives it a different meaning. But, in fact, there’s no set way of wearing a diamond wishbone ring. It’s up to you based on comfort and aesthetic.

If you’re basing it on the British tradition of wedding and engagement rings, then the engagement ring is typically worn on top of the wedding ring, meaning the V would be pointing down.


Where can you get a diamond wishbone ring?

Here in the Jewellery Quarter, Premier Diamonds are the go-to for your diamond wishbone ring. A family run business, Premier Diamonds specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality, handmade and bespoke diamond rings. For quality and price, they’re unmatched. View their range of diamond wishbone rings for jewellery that lasts a lifetime.