Toye & Co
Toye & Co

Toye & Co, founded in 1685, designs and manufactures jewellery and identification products for governments, corporates, societies, clubs and associations.
In addition to its metal-working base in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, it also has an office in London and a textile production operation in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

The deadline for the take over offer of the historic Birmingham manufacturing company, Toye & Co plc, has been postponed by a month.
This June, chairman Bryan Toye announced he wanted to ‘de-list it from trading on AIM’ just a week in after ceasing controlling interest and revealing he wanted to buy the company.

In an update to the stock exchange a few days ago, Toye said his buyout vehicle, Bryan Toye Ltd, had received acceptances in respect of just over 28% of the company’s entire issued share capital.
Meaning Bryan Toye Ltd and its concert parties now own, or have received acceptances in respect of 79.12% the firm’s entire issued share capital.

The offer to remaining shareholders for their stakes in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter based business, has now been postponed till early-on, next month.

Last month, shareholders were recommended to turn down the offer of 35 pence per share, from Bryan Toye Ltd, when independent directors said it ‘fell short’ of a price representing fair value for the company.

If successful, Bryan Toye intends to cut all Toye & Co directors who are not a part of the Toye family.

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