Now – 7th September 2013

Friends of RBSA


Gallery 2

Friends’ Exhibition

Friends of the RBSA show off their talent in a range of media (except photography).

Don’t miss Kate Bentley’s free demonstration on Saturday 31 August. Kate is a Friend of the RBSA.

Valerie Alexander RBSA

On now — 14 September 2013


Sunflower, Mixed media

Solo Show

Watercolours and mixed media work in a free and expressive style.

Galactic craft exhibition

On now — 19 October 2013

Blast off into a galaxy far away with ‘Galactic’, an exhibition exploring the spectacle and wonders of outer space. From jewellery inspired by meteorites and shooting stars through to space-age ceramics and ethereal glass, this exhibition offers an opportunity for stargazing right in the heart of Brum!

Confirmed exhibitors

Tracey Birchwood
Annie Cracknell
Jemma Daniels
Christine Davies
Simon Denvers
Samantha Donaldson
Emma Farnworth
Alice Gow
Akiko Hirai
Jade Mellor
Ros Millar
Myung Nam An
Mandana Oskoui
Danny Ries
Charlotte Sale
Alex Shimwell
Emily Thatcher
Perin Towlson
Irena Maria Varey
Charlotte Verity