The 1980s were all about big hair, bright colours and statement accessories.

And the arrival of the decade also brought the start of something special to the jewellery sector – Premier Diamonds.

The family-run business, based in the heart of Birmingham’s historical Jewellery Quarter, is now celebrating 40 years of specialising in the design and manufacturing of high-quality jewellery pieces.

During the last four decades, Matthew and the Premier Diamonds team have honed their skills in the jewellery market, learning all the different aspects of jewellery manufacturing.

From starting out by supplying a range of high quality products to a number of independent jewellery shops across the UK, the business took off, paving the way for a bright future.

After a few years of working with some of the best local craftsmen in the Jewellery Quarter, with great success, Premier Diamonds could then make the next step; opening its doors to its very own retail store. 

And the business has continued to grow and evolve ever since, earning the title of one of the largest jewellery manufacturing companies in Britain.

After many years of successfully operating in the jewellery industry, the rapid growth and clear need for locally crafted jewellery items made expansion that much easier for Premier Diamonds.

In the mid-2000s, alongside the rise in popularity of the internet, Matthew’s clear business acumen came into play once again.

Making sure Premier Diamonds was inline with the first few jewellery shops to start selling online, the team soon launched its very own website.

Today, Premier Diamonds still offers high quality, handmade and bespoke jewellery to jewellery shops across the UK.

They also supply to dedicated online jewellers and continue to share their products online via the Premier Diamonds website.

Although the move to digital helped introduce new opportunities to Premier Diamonds, its one-on-one, personable service is still what sets the brand apart from others today.

The Premier Diamonds retail store is now located within new luxury offices at Branston Court, offering this personal service to customers by appointment only.

After many years in the industry, the brand’s jewellery products have become family heirlooms passed down to generations, bringing repeat customers that make the ‘family-feel’ of the brand that much stronger.

By ensuring Birmingham’s long-standing tradition of jewellery manufacturing stays alive and well, Premier Diamonds’ personalised service is a reflection of their time-honoured approach to jewellery selling.

Which is exactly what brings their dedicated customers back again and again.

Here’s to the next 40 years of Premier Diamonds.

To speak with Matthew or a member of the Premier Diamonds team or to arrange a visit to the luxury showroom in the Jewellery Quarter, please call 0121 212 9330 or visit the website at