Einstein once said, “Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music.” Music is an important instrument of integration, it helps people push themselves outside their comfort zones and experience things they could never have imagined. Experts say that picking up an instrument has a lot of benefits. Let’s see why and how music schools like Progress Academy in the Jewellery Quarter can help you during this learning process.

Musical instruments make you smarter

Being a musician is good for your brain. It’s scientifically proven that learning to play a musical instrument has a lot of both neurological and psychological benefits, helping people achieve great scores in different subjects. Not only in music! Playing a new instrument requires you to process a lot of information from all of your senses including vision, hearing and touch, along with fine motor movements. Studies have found that learning to play an instrument increases grey matter in various brain regions, enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills which are important for your job and life in general. Recently research also proved that learning to play an instrument increases blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain, which can be helpful when you need a burst of energy. Even those who choose to pick up an instrument as an adult still have the opportunity to increase their IQ as well as hearing, self-discipline, attentiveness and coordination. Progress Academy in the Jewellery Quarter offers a lot of classes for beginners and people who want to experiment with music. It is never too late to learn to play your favourite instruments.

Good things come to those who wait

Learning to play an instrument means learning a new language which has its own rules and grammar. It requires a lot of time and patience. You can discover your musical genius when you are 80 years old and become the new Mozart, but it is almost impossible for you to read music like a professional overnight.

Before they were teachers, the music experts at Progress Academy were students, too! They know that learning a new instrument is not just a hobby, but a calling which requires perseverance and consistency. Regularly playing an instrument enhances your concentration, discipline and responsibility, important skills for accomplishing anything in life. And remember, as the old expression says, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

A journey into your emotions

It’s not a secret that music plays an important role in our emotions. The right song can make us feel happy, angry, or confused. Music can make us cry before our brain has even had time to ask why, or you might just notice your foot tapping along to a beat before you even realise what you are doing. Playing music also fills you with a sense of accomplishment; after all, you should feel good about mastering a song, a difficult chord, or an instrument! If you learn to play a musical instrument while you are a child, it is proven that your emotional intelligence will be significantly heightened. But even adults benefit significantly from making music by unleashing their creativity. During lessons at Progress Academy, you don’t just execute, but you share your emotional discoveries with your personal teacher and make these feelings stronger.

Playing music makes you more creative

When you play an instrument, you need to find a way to say something through some notes. Anything is possible when you play music because you become a storyteller expressing ideas through a universal language! Music is a creative journey and playing an instrument helps people discover parts of themselves that they may have been unaware of. The best teachers and trainers with their experience can help you express your potential and feed your imagination with the right tips and suggestions.

Music makes the people come together

Music is a social sport. While it’s, of course, important to practice individually, the real fun comes when we get together to collaborate on something bigger than just ourselves. You can use your new instrumental skills in an orchestra or join a band to create truly powerful and moving music whilst making new friends and connections in the process.

If there is one thing that is constant in this world, is the power of music. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to learn an instrument, be it for fun, the psychological benefits or to be able to collaborate with others, the teachers at Progress Academy can help you develop your potential and get the most out of your new skills.