If you re born in June you are lucky, because Pearls and the Alexandrite are your birthstones. Pearls have been very popular for centuries and Alexandrites are extremely rare but special because they change colours depending on the lighting. Read more about these beautiful gems in our article.


Pearl necklace Shipton & Co Birmingham Jewellery QuarterPearls can be worn by all ages and are not anymore a sign of “oldness”. With different colours and shapes, there is perfect fit for each unique skin tone. The pearls have no harsh colours and therefore it is easy to find a pearl necklace or bracelet that will look stunning on you.

The creation of a pearl however is not the most enjoyable process. When a foreign object enters the oyster, it starts creating a smooth, hard crystalline substance to protect itself from the intruder. The oyster will then continue to secrete the so called “nacre” substance. After a while the irritant will be completely coated in it. Surprisingly, this creates a beautiful and lustrous gem that we use to create dazzling jewellery.

Apart from the traditional Audrey Hepburn pearls, there are so many more varieties, styles and shapes of pearls. The type of oyster, location or the cleanliness of the water it grows in, all this has an impact on the appearance of it. This makes every pearl unique and special.
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The second June birthstone is the Alexandrite. These stones are magical as they change their colour depending on the lighting. Daylight makes it shimmer in a cool mossy green, whereas in lamplight it appears to be warm red. When the colour change becomes more distinct, the value of the Alexandrite increases.

It was originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1830, but can now also be found in other parts of the world. It is said to strengthen intuition, inspire your imagination and even aid in creativity. Whether that’s true, everyone must decide for themselves but it doesn’t change the fact that this gem is very rare and extremely valuable.

So if your birthday is in June you might want to get Jewellery that also fits the month you were born in. Pearls don’t have to be traditionally white anymore. They can be worn to work, when going out or even to the grocery store. Alexandrites however are not easily affordable but exceptionally beautiful and extraordinary.