Another month flies by, and after the lengthy month of January, February was over far too quickly! With lots of posts and even more photos, here’s what’s kept the BJQ buzzing in the second month of 2018…

What’s New?

This past month brand new and exciting thing has happened in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, but the most exciting has been with the opening on Sarto Hair and Shots By Saints

Sarto is a brand new hair salon in the Jewellery Quarter offering an inclusive, experienced service, ran by Aaron Williams. The shop is based on 33 Water Street right next door to the next new addition on our list…

Sarto Insta post


Another new arrival is the opening of Saint Kitchen’s sister store Shots by Saint. Shots specialise with espressos and take away coffee. For those who don’t know about Saint Kitchen, it is an Independent coffee shop serving single origin coffee, hot chocolate and loose leaf teas.  they also do Breakfast, brunch and lunch and some delicious homemade cakes.


The new brand new addition is Lucky Duck! They serve bowls of ramen-style broth with our homemade noodles as well as addictive bao buns. Check out their tasty menu.


The restaurant is located at 21 Caroline Street


the final addition to the JQ is the brand new cocktail bar located upstairs in one of our personal favourite bars, 1000 Trades!

 Known as The Vanguard, the new exciting cocktail bar is the under the charge of Samuel Boulton. Even though there focus is on cocktails, there is also Mead being served. That’s right, the drink fermented with honey, known in pop-culture as a medieval-type drink is served at the Vanguard

Faces of The Jewellery Quarter

Since our last blog, we’ve had 4 new faces of the jewellery quarter interviews. Each one vastly different from the next, showing how diverse and full of life the Jewellery Quarter really is.

Check them all out below!

Firstly we visited Till You Die Tattooing to meet with Leonardo. Watch the interview below!

Next UP we have the British Academy of Jewellery, an academy teaching jewellery crafting to hopeful prospects. Watch the video below.

After the BAJ, we met with Dom from the fantastic Hive Cafe. He spoke to us about the cafe and the partnership with the local Ardent College.

Our most recent interview was with The Birmingham Whisky Club. Amy, the owner, spoke to us about the history of the whisky club and her passion for the dark booze. We have also written a blog previously about the Birmingham Whisky club, check it out here.

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Author: Michael Cahill – Strategy Plus