We’ve mentioned on countless occasions that the Jewellery Quarter is home to over 100 jewellers – a majority of those jewellers produce a mass of handmade jewellery.

Handmade Jewellery

The idea of having a bespoke, statement pieces of jewellery is a popular concept, growing in recent years.

We understand that you want unique jewellery and we’re here to show you why handmade jewellery is so popular:


One of the most popular reasons for handmade jewellery being in such high demand is because it is completely customisable.
Your chosen designer will ensure all of your specifications and requisites are taken care of in regards to your bespoke piece.
The most beautiful thing about handmade jewellery is that the design spec is endless, the jewellery can be a personal piece if an integration of a certain pattern/design/stone is a part of the piece, or it could be a specific piece that you desire to have for an occasion, or to match an outfit.
Nevertheless, handmade jewellery often turns out better than what the customer asked for and is assuredly a one-of-a-kind piece.

Quality Assurance

Depending on price range, a large amount of money spent can ensure the best quality to your design.
When thought about, mass produced jewellery and fashion jewellery that can be bought from general jewellery stores is manufactured in batches, with automatic machines.
Compared to handmade jewellery that is crafted with care and focus, even love, and time is dedicated ensuring your jewellery is of the best quality, leading us to our next point.

Time & Process

As formerly mentioned, jewellery made by hand takes a lot of time without the assistance of machinery and designers often spend hours on designs of the jewellery, and proceed to take weeks to complete the asked piece.
The crafter will dedicate all of their time in each individual piece, all of their energy and skills packed into the jewellery as they study the design’s smallest details.


At the most part, jewellery crafters are sworn to ethically sourced materials.
Of course, those materials that are ethically sourced will be more costly, but it can be a part of the designer’s ethos on the sustainability of the piece.

Choosing to have pieces of jewellery handmade is an entirely individual choice and we can offer a selection of exceptional jewellery designers in the Quarter that will handle your specifications with love, to ensure you get the best piece of jewellery you can!
Not only that, but your jewellery contains a piece of the artist that crafted it, making it all the more exclusive.

For the list of jewellery designers situated in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, click here.
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