There is so much emotion attached to Jewellery’ says Joanne with a knowing smile on her face as she almost caresses the beautiful diamond rings in between us. We pause for a second and quietly remember the pieces of jewellery that represent people, milestones and emotions in our lives.

That moment really summarised my meeting with GemPort.

GemPort isn’t your typical jewellery shop in the Quarter. Tucked away in Branston Court, it is not the usual high street retailer and prides itself on offering excellent customer service, bespoke creations and a friendly, familiar face. Once you meet Dave and Joanne, husband and wife running the wonderful business, you know that love really surrounds everything they do. Love for their customers, love for their trade and love for each other.

Their customers are so much more than that, they represent the hope of eternal love and happiness as well as the memory of devastating sorrow. As they walk me through some of their most recent clients I can see the way that they and their stories affected them.

They tell me about a couple, in particular, two young people looking for the wedding rings of their dreams and who had been refused in all shops before they encountered Dave and Joanne at the Moor Hall Wedding Fayre. The refusal came from the inability of certain shops to cater for everyone’s needs. The couple is affected by MND (motor neurone disease) and has needs that many shops don’t cater for, such as disabled access, time and the highest level of bespoke customer service. Talking about the couple, Dave and Joanne have highlighted the love they had for each other and the happiness that they felt in having found the ring of their dreams at the best price possible.

GemPort: A story of love and diamonds

They keep going, telling me about jewellery that belonged to people that are no longer with us and have been remodelled for their loved ones as a way to remember them. They tell me these stories with the sadness of people who truly care about the customers walking through their doors and who take a piece of their stories away with them every day, again ‘there is so much emotion attached to jewellery’.

Over the years GemPort has been awarded Professional Business Of The Year, Family Business Of The Year, Business Of The Year, Manufacturing Excellence, Most Promising Newcomer and more; as well as being part of the National Association of Jewellers.


GemPort’s awards and certificates certainly speak for themselves but something that they don’t really shout about is their commitment to charity, having donated over £10,000 of retail value in 2018 for various causes close to their heart. As a business they know the importance of success, as the lovely people that they are, they are passionate about giving back.

The face of GemPort, is slightly more well known than the couple behind it. The beautiful and kind Niamh Conway, also known by her royal title, Miss Birmingham, has been the official face of GemPort, modelling for their exquisite range of handmade jewellery. Dave and Joanne, who are great supporters of young talents really showed their incredible respect and gratitude for Miss Conway and the photographer, Emily, and the makeup artist who assisted in the shoot.

Some of their clients are also very well known, Mr and Mrs Martyn Ford to name a few have recently celebrated their wedding day wearing GemPort’s beautiful rings!

GemPort does not just pride itself in their ability to make exquisite pieces of jewellery that will be with you for life, they also love to teach you how to make your own. They have recently opened a workshop where couples can make their own wedding rings under expert supervision or where groups and teams can have a fun and unusual day out, building their own masterpieces. The workshop does not only allow you to make yourself or your significant other a wonderful masterpiece, but it is also great fun. The day also includes lunch and a whiskey tasting at The Birmingham Whiskey Club (don’t worry the whiskey tasting will be after the jewellery making!)

You’ve guessed it, GemPort is a wonderful jewellery business and Dave and Joanne are bound to become your trusted family jewellers. Whether you are looking for advice or the diamond piece of your dreams, give them a call, they’ll be more than happy to assist.


P.s. They accept the #jqcard!