As the calendar is coming to a close, the weather is colder and wetter, the skies get darker and the days are shorter. However, the food is much, much better. Around the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, the ever-increasing number of restaurants are starting to roll out their Christmas-themed menus for the festive season.

We have done our own tasting research around the Jewellery Quarter (it’s a hard job for some), to see which ones we recommend for you to try over the next couple of months.

The Pig And Tail

The Pig and Tail’s festive menu goes the whole hog and features some wild festive food ideas that we are on fully on board for. This includes the delightful jerk chicken skewers. However, the old classics are still going strong. Such as The Pig and Tail’s ‘pigs in blankets’. The Christmas meal at this venue is non-bookable, so go in whenever to have your festive supper.

The festive menu is available for £20 per person.

The Pig and Tail is located just on the corner of Albion Street and Carver Street.

Pig and Tail

1000 Trades

1000 Trades are starting their festive menu bookings here on the 28th of November. They offer customers the choice between 2 or 3 courses (It’s Christmas so have 3 and treat yourself). If you still want something festive themed but fancy something a bit more informal, the menu from the December kitchen residents ‘Masdings’ is still available for pre-orders.

Two courses are available for £21 whereas 3 courses are available for £25.

Vegan Grindhouse will also be taking over the kitchen on the 27th Nov and the 4th/11th/18th December, offering a 3-course vegan Christmas dinner. Spaces are limited, so book quickly.

1000 Trades is located on the corner of Frederick Street and Albion Street.

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Saint Pauls House

Saint Pauls House also offers a three-course meal but if you’re feeling like you need more of a treat to yourself you can have A FIVE COURSE FESTIVE FEAST! With as many vegetarian options as there are carnivore, the 5 courses offer a little bit of something for everyone, with homemade mince pies to finish it all off before the food coma sets in. Saint Pauls House is offering bookings from the 28th of November to Christmas Eve.

The 3-course lunch is available for £26 per person whereas the 5-course dinner is available for £37.50 per person.

Surprisingly, Saint Pauls House is located on St Pauls Square.

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The Red Lion

The Red Lion, known for its traditional pub style and rich local culture, is offering a 3-course Christmas dinner with traditional seasonal food we all know and love. The pork belly sounds particularly crackling (pardon the pun) with a black pudding salad to start.

This is available to book throughout the month of December from £28.95 per person.

The Red Lion is located on Waterstone Lane across from Phoenix Events.

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The Church Inn

The Church Inn Christmas menu are offering three very tempting offers. Firstly, you can have a standard 2-course festive lunch or dinner, 3-course festive lunch or dinner, or your very own festive buffet! With vegan and vegetarian options for the 2-3 course meals and the buffets, this festive feast would be one to compare your future feasts too. Booking is available online or via the following email address: 

2-courses are available, which are £18.95 for lunch and £21.95 for dinner. Whereas 3 courses are available for £21.95 for lunch and £24.95 for dinner.

The Church Inn is located across from the Tesco Express across from Hall Street.


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Special Mention

Okay, okay, we’re cheating a bit with this one, although it’s not Christmas, it’s still festive to some… THANKSGIVING. The good folks down at The Church are throwing a ‘one night only’ Thanksgiving event for all you American culture lovers. As this is only one evening (November 23rd) it is a ticket only event so get on it quick if you fancy a taste of a good ol’ pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Jewellery Quarter

If you’re trying to plan an office party or just fancy treating yourself to a Christmas themed meal before the big day itself, then we hope you take a look at some of these recommendations. Get out there, treat yourself to a Christmas lunch and become a walking food zombie for the rest of the day.

Author: Michael Cahill – Intern