Well, not technically but we can promise you it’s just as brilliant!

There are three landmarks in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter that have been endangered for some time have been granted over £3 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Birmingham City Council are to restore the both Key Hill Cemetery and Warstone Lane Cemetery, from the 1800’s. The catacombs that have been closed as a result of the Birmingham Cemeteries Act. This £1.4 million project iwill involve the restoration of railings and pillars within the cemeteries, also with the addition of new gates, paths and seating.

Warstone Lane Cemetery catacombs as they are
Warstone Lane Cemetery catacombs as they are

Representer of the ward, Council Leader Sir Albert Bore, commented on the restoration project: “These two cemeteries are of huge historical significance to Birmingham, with prominent local figures such as Joseph Chamberlain, Alfred Bird and John Baskerville buried there, as well as providing important areas for wildlife to thrive in an urban setting.”

£39,800 will be received by the New Standard Works to continue develop a plan to refurbish the Grade-II listed building, once an industrial building.

A plan is in preparation to grant £890,000 to restore the 1878 building, also create a Heritage Gallery. The Jewellery Quarter Development Trust can restore another five properties in the surrounding conservation area.

Found on 46 Frederick Street, 6 Legge Lane, and 36-46 Vittoria Street are the three listed properties deemed highly dangerous to enter.

Janine Christley, of Ruskin Mill Trust, added: “This valuable grant will give the Ruskin Mill Land Trust an opportunity to restore one of the JQ’s most iconic buildings and work in partnership with HLF and JQDT to shape it’s future.

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