Hazel & Haydn host first Birthday party for the Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid’s Young Women’s Refuge

Opening their doors for a good cause, the team of Hazel & Haydn hosted a celebratory one-year birthday gathering for the Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid’s young women’s refuge, Seerose.

Supporting the local community, Hazel & Haydn welcomed the women from Seerose, aged between 16-25 and offered them a selection of services including cuts, washes and styling, all delivered by the talented team at their salon located in the Jewellery Quarter. Dale Hollinshead, Hazel & Haydn Manager was on hand to organise and oversee the evenings events. “We wanted to give the young women the best evening possible, we gave each individual tailored hair advice and offered them a variety of hairstyles that they could choose from. They all had different questions and needs, which we advised and helped with before showing the ladies how to get the most from their hair”.

A huge percentage of the women in attendance had never visited a professional salon before so this was completely new to them, an important part of BSWA’s objectives is to open up new opportunities like this, to give the young women the chance to be exposed to different experiences which may lead to the beginning of a potential new career path. Many women supported by BSWA have successfully gone on to achieve further education qualifications and find employment as a result of these important experiences and opportunities that are shown to them by the group.


In the past year, Seerose have supported 40 young women and seven children.BSWA, being the largest provider of support services to women and children across the Birmingham & Solihull regions have supported 7,019 women and 4,135 children in the past year. Huge numbers for a relatively small area which is set to continue to grow and develop. The team from Hazel & Haydn were more than happy to help, with this being such a close to home cause the willingness and enthusiasm to support and encourage the young women who visited the salon was offered with ease. Hazel & Haydn are excited to continue supporting the Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid’s Young Women’s Refuge and open their doors to act as a haven for more good causes.


For more information on Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid and how you can support them please email supportus@bswaid.org or call 01216858687.