Progress Music Academy are organising a team to stage a world record attempt for the largest drumming ensemble!

The Jewellery Quarter based music academy currently hold the record with 798 drummers, but they are joining up with drumBEAT, striving for a massive 1001!

The event is going to be hosted in Urmston, Manchester this November on Friday 21st, by the brain tumour charity drumBEAT.
The drummers are set to play for five minutes in time with one another, to beat the Guinness world record.

The official name of the world record is ‘The Largest Full Drum Kit Ensemble.’

To be apart of the event on Twitter, use the hashtag ‘#1001DRUMMERS’, and to actually join in the with the attempt, you can register here.

For more information about the event and the brilliant cause, click here!

We wish Progress Music Academy the best of luck on their World Record attempt, but they surely will not need it!
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