Sputnik presents…

‘What Are You Waiting For?

Venue: Urban Coffee Company, Jewellery Quarter

Dates: 20th October- 17th November

What are you waiting for?

Christmas?  Your dreams to come true? Armageddon? Your kids to move out? England to achieve World Cup glory?

We all have hopes and expectations. Individual motivations and causes for procrastination.

From 20th October- 17th November, the Urban Coffee Company in The Jewellery Quarter will be hosting an exhibition that explores these ideas. Sputnik, an art collective based in Brum, has asked its artists this question: ‘what are you waiting for?’ For the coming month, you can see their responses and contribute your own to the exhibition. Alongside the ‘What are you waiting for?’ exhibition, you’ll get a chance to see other work from some of Sputnik’s artists as well.

Sputnik have also roped in some other friends and on Friday 8th November, a motley crew of poets, songwriters, rappers and storytellers will be sharing their hopes, fears, dreams and anxieties as they answer the same question.

Sputnik is a collective of Christian artists that exists to make stuff and spark conversations. To find out more, check out our website: www.sputnikmagazine.co.uk or email jonny@churchcentral.org.uk to book your tickets to the event on 8th November.

But most of all, make sure you pop into Urban Coffee in The Jewellery Quarter this month, grab a coffee and some cake and join the conversation.

What are you waiting for?