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Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is well-known for being Europe’s largest concentration of business involving the jewellery trade, but it isn’t just about the jewellery, in fact, it’s home to many professions and businesses and bars and restaurants!

Here are a few reasons why the you should visit Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter:

1. It’s a historical gold-mine! – The Quarter is a huge part of Birmingham’s history and heritage and you can find out more about it, here.

2. Museums – The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is a worthy place to visit if you’re coming down, telling the actual story of Birmingham Jewellery Quarter’s heritage.

3. Bars and Restaurants – Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is stocked with amazing bars an restaurants that cater for whatever you fancy, whether you’re after authentic Italian grub, or fancy eating on a roof garden.

4. The Jewellery – Of course, having over one hundred jewellers, it had to be featured in the post.
Did you know we produce forty percent of the jewellery made in the UK?

5. It’s a brilliant day out – With everything mentioned, and undoubtedly more great things to do around the Quarter, a day out here is quite something!

For all of the businesses in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, please visit our website!