Even though veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise, finding a restaurant that caters to those food options can sometimes be a little tricky. There is plenty of choice in the Jewellery Quarter, so we thought we’d showcase some of the great options to make your life a bit easier. 


Rose Villa Tavern

Rose Villa Tavern are well known for their great pub food, but you may not know that they have some fantastic vegan and veggie options too. The burgers in the RVT are simply delicious, but you don’t have to miss out if you’re a vegan. Why not try the Jack’s & Jala’s burger, which is pulled BBQ jack fruit with frickles and vegan mozarella! There is also a vegan hot dog, which comes with cola fried onions, ketchup and yellow mustard. So why not head down to one of their pub quiz or comedy nights and fill your vegan or veggie boots! For more info on the Rose Villa Tavern go to their website.

Saint Kitchen

Saint Kitchen specialises in great coffee, but they also offer amazing vegetarian dishes. In a relaxed atmosphere with modern furniture, you can enjoy a veggie breakfast or their specialty – the smashed avocado bread. Apart from that, they offer a wide variety of options like flatbread, quinoa salads, bagels, burgers and others. So if you love great coffee and even better food, Saint Kitchen is the place for you. For more information head over to their site.
Avocado mash Saint Kitchen Vegetarian Food Jewellery Quarter


The Red Lion

You probably wouldn’t expect to find various vegetarian and vegan options in a traditional pub but that’s exactly what The Red Lion is offering. They only use the finest local and seasonal produce and create delicious meat free meals like the Temper Burger with Breaded Cajun halloumi cheese, rocket & grilled red pepper – sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? For more information about The Red Lion check out their website.


Otto is a great place to enjoy authentic and top-quality wood-fired Pizza in the Jewellery Quarter. Vegetarians can enjoy a goats cheese, cherry tomato, and spinach pizza or maybe you would fancy a mushroom, mascarpone and truffle oil pizza? As a vegan you can customize your pizza and create a deliciousness without cheese but with your favourite vegetables. For more info on Otto go to their website.

Otto pizza Vegetarian Food Jewellery Quarter


Itihaas offers authentic Indian cuisine and has a wide variety of vegetarian options with a lot of lentils, chickpeas and vegetables. Some of those options are also vegan, like the vegetables spiced with garam masala cashew nuts and chillies. If you want a great taste experience, you should definitely try the vegetarian Thali with tofu, vegetables, spiced rice, naan bread and even more tasty ingredients. To find out a bit more information about Itihaas check out their site.

Itihaas Vegetarian Food Jewellery Quarter

Blue Nile Restaurant

If you have never tried authentic Ethiopian food, you should definitely visit the Blue Nile Restaurant. Their “Yesom Beyayinetu” has a complicated name but the dish is a variety of lentils, beans, potatoes, carrots and cabbage on a sourish bread with a rich taste that is not only vegan, but also very delicious. To see the other veggie and vegan options on their menu head over to their website.

Blue Nile Vegetarian Food Jewellery Quarter

3 Three’s Coffee Lounge

You’ll find it hard to find something that isn’t vegan at 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge as they are a vegan specialist, with most of the food and drink on the menu being vegan. Why not treat yourself to a coffee with soy, almond or coconut milk. Or you could have one of the delicious vegan bagels or hot dogs whilst playing board games with your friends on one of the cosy tables! For more info head over to their website.


So as you can see, there is a great range of vegan options in the Jewellery Quarter. Why not try one of them out next time you’re in the area, after all, you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy some healthy/tasty dishes!