Trends come and they go, and when they arrive, they’ll be seen everywhere.

What’s trending in the world of engagement rings is often overlooked leading to some missing out on beautiful and unique styles that could really blow their significant other away.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at the engagement ring trends that are currently in cycle and sharing our top nine, plus where you can find the rings featured and similar designs in the Jewellery Quarter!

Find out which engagement rings you’ll be seeing a lot of this year, below!

Twisted silhouettes

Many couples of today are drawn to rings that feature entwined bands of metal and diamonds (as seen above). The intertwined bands symbolise the two fates that have joined as well as infinite love, which is incredibly romantic!

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Hidden gems

The small details are the ones to look out for, just like the ring featured. These small accents are less flashy that your average ring but hold just as much beauty. It is considered to be something more for the wearer of the ring but surely it’ll be shown off to family and friends, and everyone will love it just as much.

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Three’s (not) a crowd

Three-stone style rings are anything but new, however, their elegance and timelessness remains, making them a classic choice. The three gemstones incorporated into the ring are said to represent the couple’s past, present and future, marrying them together.


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Geometric styles

It is no doubt that engagement rings in curved styles are adored internationally, although clean cuts and contemporary lines have begun to draw attention. This is a great choice for a unique twist on classic styles.

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Colourful gems

Coloured jewels may be nontraditional but that’s not stopping them from captivating couples. Connoting joy and playfulness, it’s easy to see why these engagement rings are trending. Jewels that work well together are sapphires, emeralds, and aquamarines.

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Nature Inspired

Rings that integrate elements of nature such as floral designs, leaves, vines and buds remain highly sought after. Partners that are avid explorers and lovers of the outdoors will find this style engagement ring exactly to their taste.

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Alternative styles

For the bride-to-be that’s nontraditional and alternative herself, these particular styles of rings will be just her cup of tea,. From rough-cut diamonds to hammered metals, the nontraditional design makes them all the more exquisite.

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Vintage Inspired

It should be no surprise that these romantic rings are trending. These intricately designed rings are made to tell a story and boast the beauty of the past. Vintage inspired rings are the perfect choice for couples that love the old-world feel of the design and what it brings forward into their own story.

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Delicate claws

Claw prongs settings that thin to a fine tip minimise the amount of precious metal needs to secure the gemstone in the centre, thus presenting more of its beauty. A simple design yet one that shouldn’t be put to the back of the queue.

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