Unfortunately, there are no cats in question, however, there is the fact that there is a brand new restaurant open on Warstone Lane!

The Two Cats hanging sign
The Two Cats hanging sign

You may have noticed the a sign bearing the silhouettes of two cats hanging above a doorway, next to Quarter Jewellery on Warstone Lane.

Quite mysterious, isn’t it? It gets better. Walking through that entrance into a tiled corridor, you will then be lead through to a brick alleyway which is where Two Cats is have made themselves at home

The business scored an audience in 2014 from a pop-up restaurant. The restaurant, that opened on Tuesday 7th July, has a cosy interior that seats up to 26 guests. Two cats was formerly a Caribbean restaurant, and prior to that a Himalayan restaurant.

Two Cats boasts charm and elegance feature a red and black tiled theme, high beams along the ceiling and stained glass windows. Although the kitchen isn’t in plain sight of the guests, diners do have the option to observe their food being prepared by the chef.

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