What did we love about it? Everything.

The Jewellery Quarter Team has recently had the pleasure of trying the new Christmas Menu at The Vanguard and let us tell you: it did not disappoint. From the controversial (aka hilarious) names to the flavours, the festive selection really got us in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

If you don’t know much about The Vanguard, let us enlighten you about this hidden gem…

The Vanguard is the UK’s first Cocktail Bar and Meadery! If you are reading this thinking ‘mead-a-qué?!’, mead is an ancient alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water and a variety of different spices and fruits (we did not Wikipedia it). The Vanguard is quickly reintroducing mead as one of people’s favourite drinks and it is based upstairs at 1000 trades. So if you fancy trying something new or your love for history is limited to alcohol, make sure you pay them a visit!

Now, back to the Christmas menu: Santa Claus has already come to town on Frederick Street and here is some of what he brought us:

The Traditionalist

Cocktails Jewellery Quarter

If you are a lover of all things Christmas but you are looking for a boozy twist to your childhood hot chocolate, The Traditionalist is THE drink of the season. This hot chocolate is made all the better by the addition of Cotswolds Cream, Brugal 1888 and enough whipped cream to make you look like Santa after one sip. This drink can also be veganised so you really have no excuse!   


The Basic Bitch

Christmas Cocktails Birmingham

We all have a basic bitch BFF, ours has a temporary residence at the Vanguard. She loves Pumpkin Spice, Coffee, Homemade Eggnog and vegan options… She might also love brunch and drive a FIAT 500*

*brunch nor car included


The Pity Invite

Christmas Cocktails Birmingham

The Pity Invite is a classic for a reason. If your Christmas bod is made of 70% Mulled Wine, this twisted version is for you! It includes Chase Marmalade Vodka, Mulled Wine and Christmas Spices… need we say more?


The Pretty Girl

Christmas Cocktails Birmingham

The Pretty Girl, who may or may not be your cousin (their words not ours), is STRONG and delicious. It includes Courvoisier VSOP, Cherry, Chocolate and Raisin.

Between the inventive (and oh so true!) names and the flavours, The Vanguard have really outdone themselves with this delicious Christmas Menu!

Can you think of anything better than spending the weekend enjoying the Vanguard’s festive treats? We can! You can enjoy them with 5% off with the JQ Card!