There are many great things that derive from living or visiting a big city but there are also maximised risks. Crime being the main issue. The Jewellery Quarter is known for jewellery, so of course, there would be a slightly heightened risk. But how do you ensure you remain safe and protect yourself in the Jewellery Quarter and the rest of Birmingham? We have a few pointers that will ensure you minimise your risk and stay safe on the city streets.

  • Stay vigilant

    The most vital thing you can do is to remain mindful of your environment. Just by paying attention to all that is around you can deter criminals from making you a target. Avoid dark quiet streets, as they can be the perfect cover for an aggressor. Instead, use streets that are busy and well lit, even if it takes longer. Your safety is worth it. If you are alone, keep a steady and fast pace and try not to linger.

  • Guard it!

    The chance of theft increases in areas that are overly busy, so don’t flash the cash. Keep your bag as close to you as you can and a wallet in your front pocket. As a back or coat pocket are the easiest places to steal from. Also, carry as little money and credit cards as possible. So if a pickpocket does take your bag or wallet, they will end up with a little amount.

  • Keep it short

    The streets in a big city are not to be feared, nor are its people, so remain polite to strangers but be careful. Keep interactions short. If someone spots that you are out of town, they may use this information to prey on you. For this reason, it is a good idea to carry a personal alarm, so that you will easily get the attention of people that are close by, if you were to get into any trouble.

These were just a few tips to improve your safety in the great city of Birmingham but they would be equally as useful in any other big city. What are your best tips for remaining safe in a big city? Tweet us and let us know!