The Skin Practice tells us their secrets of healthy skin

The Jewellery Quarter is famous for its heritage, designing, manufacturing, and retailing of silver and jewellery, but in recent years the JQ has also become a desirable place for independent retailers to cater for the growing mix of residents.

Sandy Sabdhu, a young business woman who had a successful clinic in Herne Bay in Kent for the past six years, decided to relocate to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and set up The Skin Practice & Bitty Brow Bar at 38 Northampton Street. Sandy became particularly interested in ‘skin’ and decided to further her training to become a specialist. This new Skin Practice was opened to primarily focus on skin but other beauty treatments are also available.

90% of ageing is extrinsic ageing caused by pollution, smoking, UV rays, poor diet, stress, use of harsh products. This all inhibits cells from producing healthy skin cells resulting in premature, photo-damaged, lack-lustred skin. Under normal conditions in healthy skin all nutrients come through via the blood stream, but the skin has to share with all the other organs, so therefore cannot always get enough. That is why low doses of oral vitamins are of no great value to the skin. While many of us are concerned about the visible signs of ageing, the idea of having surgery is simply unthinkable and expensive. There are, however non surgical solutions that can prolong the health and youth of our skin.

The Skin Practice offers skin specific supplements with optimum levels that reach cellular levels, normalising defected cells and reproducing healthy youthful skin cells at the birth stage. Vitamin and anti oxidant rich cosmeceutical skin care range, protecting and restoring the skin. Skin perfusion treatments that help to make skin thicker and more elastic and to develop more collagen. Advanced non-surgical treatments to assist in maximising penetration of vitamins into deeper layers of the skin, achieving faster results. Safe and gentle light repetitive skin peels which preserve the integrity of the epidermis. The most important thing to remember is that the correct vitamins (either in supplements or topically) is irreplaceable for the skin. There is simply no alternative, many other expensive products will make your skin ‘feel better’ but nothing else will actually give you better skin. A vitamin rich skin is a healthy skin.

Sandy Sandhu (the skin specialist) has been featured in various publications for her work, her greatest achievement being featured in the International Anti Ageing journal and her experience, expertise and the results she has achieved for many of her clients gave her the necessary encouragement to open The Skin Practice & Bitty Brow Bar.

Sandy told the Hockley Flyer: “I love a challenge and it still amazes me the fantastic results I keep achieving, which is why I want to share the secrets of healthy skin with the world. High Street brands are designed for the masses at low strengths, your skin DNA is unique, supplementing, strengthened vitamin creams, and the delivery methods you use to facilitate products into the skin are all important factors, if you want to see major shifts in your skin you need to start doing something different than simply applying a high street branded moisturiser.”

(Contact Sandy – The Skin Practice 0121 233 3010 or look on their website)

Post courtesy of The Hockley Flyer