The Jewellery Quarter is full of high-quality jewellers, that not only have options to suit each price range and taste but also have a vast history in the area. One of those is Shipton and Co.

This jeweller has seven stores around the country, its headquarters in the Jewellery Quarter, and 150 years in the industry. And it is not hard to see why! With their attention to detail and heirloom quality. But did you know that Shipton and Co have a history of five generations of fine gems and jewellery?

Jasper May is the fifth and current generation in charge of the jewellers. Of which, he commented that ” It is my privilege not just to understand, by heredity and study, the nature of fine diamonds and gemstones but also to choose for you only the most exquisite quality, worthy of the proud Shipton & Co heritage.” It was his Great Great Grandfather that founded the business, we wonder what he would think of its success now?

With stunning jewellery at great prices, as well as jewellery that is specially catered to birthstones; why would you not give this gemstone specialist website a visit today or request a catalogue?