Recently, the Jewellery Quarter has been the place to be. As not so long ago, we did a summary of what was new in the JQ and since then a few more places have popped up. As a result, we thought we would let you lovely lot know about the new JQ arrivals that have just arrived.



One thing that has been lacking in the Jewellery Quarter is a good fish and chip shop but this will no longer be the case. Done in only the way that the Jewellery Quarter can do, also known as quirky, independent and unique. The eatery is the idea of former Lord Clifden landlady and promises to transport us to the beach. Because fish and chips taste so good at the seaside, right?  We cannot wait to go try this eatery out.

Pop-up Taco Shop


We know by now that The Eight Foot Grocer knows how to do lunch really well, but now they are doing Mexican food. Not just tacos but nachos and cocktails too. You know the Pop-up Taco Shop is going to be organically sourced, made in-house and be amazing. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. And with prices at £2 a taco and cocktails designed by 40 St. Pauls, you cannot go wrong!

As well as these two new eateries, there were two festivals that took place in July. The JQ Fest 2016 and the 2016 Birmingham and Solihull Jazz and Blues Festival. They were both timed impeccably with great weather and buzz in the Jewellery Quarter.

Regardless of whether you want to go for a taco, fish and chips or even want to enjoy some live music, the Jewellery Quarter is the place to do it all!

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