The Jewellery Quarter was inundated with new places opening in the area in 2016 and it seems that 2017 will be no different. There are three places, in particular, that we are excited for. So we thought we would share the news of these new place so you can head on over to the Jewellery Quarter to check them out.

  • Lone Wolf Pub
    The Jewellery Quarter is the home of the quirky independent and Lone Wolf is exactly that! An independent pub company that is due to open today (Thursday 19th Jan) at 5pm on Constitution Hill. They specialise in craft beers but also serve wine and coffee, as well as meat & cheese boards. This sounds like the perfect after-work place, don’t you think? To learn more about the pub, head on over to their website.
  • Indian Brewery
    This new independent beer place has just opened but it’s already creating a buzz in the Jewellery Quarter. This is because it not only delivers a variety of craft beers but because it also offers an Indian twist to breakfast and lunch/dinner. Located in Brewsmiths old location, next door to the back entrance of Snow Hill station, this place is also sure to be a sure fire hit. To find out more about what’s on the menu or about opening times, head on over to their website.
  • Dares Bar
    Last but not least is Dare Bar. This bar is due to be located on the ground floor of the Big Peg and won’t be opening until spring. They will be serving craft beers, cocktails, coffee and “grill style street food”. We anticipate that this bar is sure to be a hit with those that work within the office block. More information can be found here.
Which one of these new places will you be visiting? One thing is for sure, 2017 is the year craft beer takes over the Jewellery Quarter.