The Jewellery Quarter is Birmingham’s historic gem. It is famous of its long history and its quality manufactured jewellery as well as being one of the best places to live in the city! Only a very short walk to the city centre, it has the dynamic feel of a big city and the tranquillity and safety of a residential area.

So, if you just moved to the Jewellery Quarter, welcome to our amazing part of town! Here is a list of useful tips that might help you with your move:


The Jewellery Quarter is the proud home of more than 30 amazing restaurants, bars and cafes that will ensure a perfect day and night of leisure just a few steps from your new home. We pride ourselves on the amazing local businesses we are surrounded by, so make sure you get an Independent Birmingham card to get great discounts and experience the Quarter the local way.

The Jewellery Quarter is also amazing for long walks and sports. Being so close to Birmingham’s canal system you are only a few steps away from the centre of the city’s cycling, walking and running scene. The Jewellery Quarter allows you the comfort of the city with the culture of the surrounding infrastructure and the freedom of the natural scenery.

Although there are many guided walking tours taking you around the quarter and showing you interesting spots, one of the best things to do is to wander around and get lost in its details and quirkiness. Interesting spots that represent the quarter and that are impossible to miss are St Paul’s Square, the Cemetery and the Chamberlain Memorial Clock.

If you are feeling a more structured tour of the Jewellery Quarter’s history don’t hesitate to head to the Jewellery Quarter Museum and the Pen Museum. Discover the years that made the quarter and Birmingham great and you’ll become incredibly proud of your new place! These spots are perfect for a family date or a cultural alone day.


The Jewellery Quarter is only a short walk away from Birmingham’s city centre; however, if you are not feeling the walk, there are two metro stations, the Jewellery Quarter station and St Paul’s station that will take you to the city centre for only one pound. If you are planning a day out somewhere than you’ll be happy to know Snow Hill and the Jewellery Quarter Stations take you to many nice places outside town, alternatively the metro will stop just outside New Street Station!

If you’re only in our amazing quarter for a short while and you’re in need of a car, leasing a vehicle might be your best option. Car leasing gives you the benefits of driving a private vehicle with the price and the freedom of a fixed term, meaning if you move towns or countries you don’t have to worry about selling or moving your car. Whether you’re leasing or you own a vehicle, you will need a council permit to park in the Jewellery Quarter’s streets.


The Jewellery Quarter is the home of the University College Birmingham where students can undergo undergraduate and postgraduate higher education degrees as well as craft training. Perry Beeches II and Perry Beeches IV are both free schools based in the Jewellery Quarter, respectively located in Newhall Street and Albion Street. For those of you aspiring for a career in the music industry the Birmingham Yamaha music school and Progress Academy are also based in the Jewellery Quarter.

Of course it would not be the Jewellery Quarter if the main point of learning did not revolve around jewellery. The School of Jewellery is the largest in Europe and it is based in the heart of our quarter. The school is perfect for anybody looking for a career in jewellery and it offers a unique, creative and exciting atmosphere to flourish and thrive in the business.


The Jewellery Quarter is also surrounded by many GPs and Dentists as well as the Children’s hospital. The Hockley Medical Practice is a friendly GP with a variety of primary healthcare services. While having a look at the awesome scenery in St Paul’s Square you can also find a Dental Practice, ready to satisfy your needs.

Food Shop

If you get tired of trying out all our different restaurants and cafes there is many local Tescos and Coops to keep your fridge full after a long day at work. Alternatively just at the edge of the Jewellery Quarter you can find a Tesco Megastore to satisfy your every culinary needs!


If you’re after a trim and love all things Jewellery Quarter, it is recommended* to pop into Barber JQ. Their Facebook page boasts outstanding reviews from happy customers! The industrial style of the barbers fits in perfectly with the surrounding area. Be sure to let us know if you give them a go!

The Cemeteries

Both Warstone Lane Cemetery and Key Hill Cemetery have notable figures buried there. With many stories to tell and lovely scenery, join the tours of the cemeteries on the second Sunday of the months** (excluding December) to learn about the history!

*Thank you to Katie Farr for the recommendation on our Facebook page!
**Thank you to Jacqui Fielding for bringing the tours of the cemeteries to light on our Facebook page!