For those of you that haven’t had time to stay up to date with the world of the Jewellery Quarter in September, we thought it would be a great idea to do a round-up of the highlights and lowlights buzzing around on social media.

#5 Peel & Stone stops lunches at Arch 33


First of all, was Peel and Stone ceasing to serve lunches in the Jewellery Quarter. This was surprising news and one of the lowlights of the month, as they have been a favourite for many in the area. Just in case you didn’t know, Peel and Stone was a small takeaway based in Arch 33 offering a selected menu of amazing lunch options. However, all is not lost, as Peel & Stone still have their Harbourne branch and will be focusing on the wholesale side of the business.  We are sure they will be sadly missed by a number of Jewellery Quater residents, especially at lunchtime. We wish the guys all the best!

Peel & Stone Jewellery Quarter

#4 The Virgin Media Voom bus arrives in the Golden Square


If you were knocking about the Jewellery Quarter on the 27th, you may have seen a bright pink double-decker bus. Especially as people outside of the bus were handing out coffee and cookies to passers-by. Virgin Media was in town with their #Voom tour bus promoting Digital Media to small businesses in the area. To help get the message across, PJ Ellis (ex-solicitor and Big Brother star) gave a great presentation about how digital media is integral to Love Brum, the charity he has helped become such a success.

Virgin Media Jewellery Quarter

#3 JQ Clean Team make it to the RBSA exhibition


We had to include this post, not only because it had plenty of shares and looks great. Noteworthy, as it was in the same month of the Birmingham Bin Strikes, which took the national news by storm. Below is one of many pieces of art being exhibited at the RBSA gallery from Oct 2nd, with @wayneAttwoodArt and @isaacsEd.

RBSA exhibition Jewellery Quarter

#2 Suited for Success is the latest charity scheme taking the JQ by storm


The Jewellery Quarter community has always come together for various causes and subsequently Suited for Success is no different. This special event is all about donating smart clothes to help those less fortunate trying to get into work. The issue of interview clothing is often forgotten and taken for granted when trying to help those take the first steps into the working world. As a result, your help is needed. Donations will be accepted at the Big Peg between Oct 2nd and the 6th.

Suited for Success Jewellery Quarter

#1 Craft Beer & Street Food by Indian Brewery Co. = Big crowds


With 22 re-tweets and 76 likes, this post captured everyone’s attention and made those that weren’t there, a little envious. On Friday the 8th, the Indian Brewery Co. put on a feast of homegrown food and beer. The result was a massive success, with people happily queuing up until they got their fair share.  Well done guys, you won this month’s #JQ Buzz!

Indian Brewery Jewellery Quarter

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Author: Daniel Ricardo

Director at Strategy Plus Online Marketing

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