If you were anything like us during the festive season then you wouldn’t have been able to get enough of the good food and drink that was on offer. Now it’s a new year, it may be the time that you want to be a little healthier. So we have listed the top 5 places to visit in the Jewellery Quarter that will ensure that you remain healthy this January.

Konya’s Turkish Gold

This restaurant was one of the many eateries that appeared in the Jewellery Quarter in 2016. It is located just next door to Fishylicious and appears to be doing well. They are the only Turkish restaurant in the Jewellery Quarter and are able to cater to a variety of dietary requirements. So if you are looking for somewhere new for lunch or dinner, we would highly recommend Konya’s. As is the case with most Turkish food, most of the veg and meat is grilled. So it is tasty and healthy!


Sometimes you want something that is simple, well made and full of good ingredients. And Bistro’Clock can give you just that. On their morning menu, there is jacket potato, omelettes, smoothies, full English breakfasts, french toast and other great breakfast, brunch and lunch options. On their evening menu is an array of salads, pasta, seafood & fish dishes, burgers, steak and so much more. There is sure to be an option to suit everyone.

Cucina Rustica

Italian food may be carb central but it is the food sent from the gods and Cucina Rustica showcases this beautifully. However, if you want something light then they have 4 salad options, as well as antipasti dishes and roasted fish dishes. Their pasta is definitely not worth missing out on, so why not have some and take the rest for lunch the next day? A win/win situation!

Fleet Street Kitchen

Located on the outskirts of the Jewellery Quarter, Fleet Steet Kitchen shows off an array of amazing food. And the best thing is that they have a whole section on their menu that is dedicated to lighter and meat-free dishes. This is as well as an array of fish dishes that are roast and steak dishes that are grilled. We don’t know about you but this is definitely making us hungry now.

Blue Nile Restaurant

Last but not least is the Blue Nile Restaurant. An eatery that serves Ethiopian food that is cooked from scratch and is like nothing else in Birmingham. The dishes are served on a platter or you can have your own. Tasty, wholesome and visually pleasing, what’s not to love?!

So which one of these healthy options will you be trying this January? Tweet us and let us know!