With the Golden Square drawing near to its completion, it’s safe to say we’re quite excited!
And even more reason to be excited is that Birmingham City Council are accepting tenders for the letting of the Golden Square’s retail units.

Post completion the Square, residing on Warstone Lane, proffers a place for visitors and locals to congregate, and will also be an ideal space to host events.
It’s set in the area where businesses gain quite a lot of traffic, so it’s the perfect place for local businesses to set up.

Offers in excess of £25,000 per annum are being accepted for the single story retail unit available – there is approx. 639 sq ft of interior space.

If you would like to apply for the space, you can click and download the link above link or here: and submit the Invitation to Tender document, along with the Personal Application for Commercial Letting form, and the Combined Authority and Consent form.

Closing date for the last submitter is Friday 24th October 2014, at noon.

We can’t wait for the final product of the Golden Square!
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