Birmingham Jewellery Quarter’s inafmous Golden Square is complete! – Nearly.

With only the completion of the information point left to go, we reminisce on the journey the Golden Square has taken us on – and has it been a long one.

Skip back to June, last year and you may or may not remember this sight:

Looks pretty grim, but maybe that’s the black and white effect.

Now approaching the end of September, we had seen developments suchs as the addition of the information point and the beginning of the stairs and benches we now see outside The Big Peg.

After the new year and through the past months, we began to see the completion of the stairs and benches outside Lunchi, Urban Coffee Company and other shops along with the addition of trees, bricks and grass.

The Square is a beautiful place when the sun is out attracting residents and workers alike to enjoy their lunch, socialise and generally bask in the scenery.

It will even be hosting its first event come next week!

On Thursday 25th June, the JQ SrEATmarket will be gracing the Square serving up some great street and local grub with drinks and arts & crafts too. Food will be served from midday (12pm) till 8pm and from 4-8pm, arts & crafts will be available too.

See you there!

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