You met someone at a party, at a friend’s place or online and you want to go on a date with that special someone. Now you are wondering: should you take them to a restaurant, a pub or do something a little more unconventional? Don’t be afraid! We’ve compiled a small guide for you with some great places where you can have a chilled first date.

Saint Paul’s House – Fancy and Luxurious

Birmingham Jewellery QuarterIf you want to have a date in a relaxed but also luxurious atmosphere, you should try Saint Pauls House. Their menu is full of delicious foods that are not too spicy as that would be fatal on the first date. With a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian, meaty and gluten free dishes, Saint Pauls House can cater to most dietary requirements. If you are also into wine, they offer great wines from around the world. Nice service, tasty food and a broad variety – perfect for a first date.

You can see their menu here.

Urban Coffee – Relaxed and Breezy

urban coffee First Date in Birmingham Jewellery QuarterHaving dinner is of course not the only option. “Let’s meet up for a coffee” is probably the most used invitation for dates nowadays. If you prefer meeting for lunch or just during the day, then we can recommend Urban Coffee. It is very central and easy to get to. Furthermore, you can walk around after having coffee and enjoy the beautiful Jewellery Quarter area. They offer lots of brunch options and amazing cakes. And if you decide to stay late, they have some great cocktails too.

Here’s their menu.

Ana Rocha – Artsy and Charming

Ana rocha First Date in Birmingham Jewellery QuarterAna Rocha is a great place in the Jewellery Quarter where you can sit, drink and talk about life with your date. It’s not pretentious but a nice quaint place with a peculiar charm.While you are there, you can also check out the gallery and antique furniture. It is definitely something to talk about with your date. The warm atmosphere and beautiful lighting make this place like nowhere else and it’s worth a visit. Your date will be impressed!

For more information visit their website.

Saint Kitchen – Cool and Cosy

Saint Kitchen is a perfect combination between a coffee place and a restaurant. You can enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and eat breakfast or lunch at the same time. And if you don’t mind getting dirty, they also have various burgers on offer. With very affordable prices, Saint Kitchen is fantastic for a date during the day.

You can find their menu here.Saint Kitchen First Date in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter


All these places are great for a date and if you have a special connection with your date, you can get coffee, eat lunch and then go out for dinner. All that in the Jewellery Quarter 😉