From mysterious movements at night to unexplained disturbances in the day, there aren’t many callouts that shock the team at 3000 Security.

Having been called to investigate plenty of unusual going’s on over the years, it takes something very ‘out of the ordinary’ to really shock them.

But, a recent disturbance on a building site near Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter was enough to make the team’s hair stand on end.

On August 18, at 1.53 am, a call was made to the security team following an alert from a motion-sensor security camera.

The motion was detected at a building site located in Birmingham city centre and was something the team had never seen before.

Arriving on-site minutes later to undergo a full patrol of the area, by scouring the security footage, this led to more unanswered questions.

The image clearly showed an eerie-looking, ghostly figure dressed in white, in front of the site’s security fencing.

Upon further inspection, both the team at 3000 Security and Limitless Security couldn’t find any other explanation as to what could have caused the disturbance.

Adam Lees, managing director at Limitless Security, said about the incident: “As much as we’re used to the unexplained when it comes to disturbances at night, this is our first-ever paranormal experience.

“After receiving the alert in the early hours of Tuesday morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the picture. With no other explanation for the occurrence, I wasn’t able to get much sleep that night.

He continued: “As always, we were very pleased with the quick and efficient way 3000 Security dealt with the call – although, we’re no step closer to finding out whether we were visited by a ‘real’ apparition that night”.Darrell Coghlan, managing director at 3000 Security, also said: “We’re used to calls about unexplained disturbances at night – but never before have we seen proof like this.

“Within just ten minutes since the alert had been raised with our team, we’d already got to the site and performed a full patrol of the area. Although the site was confirmed as having the ‘all clear’, this has to be one of the spookiest calls we’ve ever been asked to assist with.”

Whether you’re a believer or not, this mystery still stays unsolved.