As you know, developments and refurbishments are happening here, there and everywhere, from the work in progress, the Golden Square to the re-opening of the Coffin Works.

All of this is a part of Birmingham City Council’s plan of developing the Quarter into a creative business hub, leading to the appeal for all of the investment that has gone into ‘Birmingham’s gem’ these recent years.

One of the many major proposals was the area of Newhall Square.
The construction on Newhall Square began in September 2008, in replacement of the Museum of Science and Industry that occupied that area before closing in 1997.

The Golden Square, still under construction at this present moment, promises to a be a focal point for all of the businesses in the Quarter and to be able to host events and gatherings over the upcoming years.

These new schemes for the Quarter are all shaping it into an industrial area, and not just that, but more welcoming to tourists too, however its rich history remains.

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter sees a prospective future ahead, and we can’t wait for the Golden Square to be completed!
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