The Jewellery Quarter was named as one of the trendiest areas to live in the UK AKA a ‘hipster hotspot’ by Zoopla. And it isn’t hard to see why, as the area has undergone a major transformation over the last ten years. However, it made us wonder, what exactly makes it the place to be? Well, let us list the reasons…

Back in the 1800s, the Jewellery Quarter became the hub of jewellery production. At this time, tradesmen would work out of their homes and small workshops. Then in the 20th century, 30,000 people were employed in the area. Now, it is estimated that 40% of British jewellery is made in the area. With this being said, it is no wonder that the area is seen as being the creative hub of Birmingham. Especially as attractions such as the Museum of Jewellery Quarter, The Pen Museum and Coffin Works, to name a few, calling the area home. This is well as there being over 100 independent specialist retailers in the area.

Location, Location, Location
Looking for somewhere new to live that is central? That is full of history and has a community vibe to it? If so, the Jewellery Quarter may be the ideal location for you. As it is in close proximity to the centre of Birmingham, making it the ideal location to get around. And the location is easy to get onto the motorways and public transport. This may be why the area has seen the number of resident rise from 3,000 to 7,000. There are no signs of this slowing down either! It is estimated that by 2020, the area will have 10,000 residents in the area.

The history of the Jewellery Quarter stems back 250 years. If you take a scroll through the area, you are sure to see this. With the 200 listed buildings in the area, as well as seeing St Paul’s Square, which is the last remaining Georgian Square, and the infamous Chamberlain clock. At every corner, there is a piece of architecture that isn’t just pretty to see but it also envisages the history of the area.

Food and Drink
If you follow us on Twitter or stay abreast of the news we post on this blog, then you would’ve been privy to the amount of new places that have arrived into the area. At one point, last year, there was a new place opening every week! These places have included independent restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Thus, making the area a hub for foodies and enticing more people into the area.

With all this being said it isn’t hard to see the reasons why the Jewellery Quarter was given the title of ‘Hipster Hotspot’. Why wouldn’t you want to come to this amazing place?