Newman Brother’s Coffin Works, the Jewellery Quarter’s new attraction following a fifteen-year resurrection, is exhibiting Crazy Coffins, a Nottingham-based business specialising in unique caskets.

Crazy Coffins have been transforming the morbidness of funerals into something quite light-hearted by making truly unique coffins since the 90s.

Their range of coffins can go from a Viking boat-shaped coffin to a darkly humorous skip.

Newman Brothers Coffin Works last year, located now next to the Birmingham canal network
Newman Brothers Coffin Works last year, located now next to the Birmingham canal network

The Jewellery Quarter’s Coffin Works is currently in the possession of a ballet shoe-shaped coffin that’s been designed by Pat Cox, along with a canal boat, an apt display given their location beside the canal network in Birmingham.

The exhibition began at the start of this month and is set to run until 27th October. The theme of the exhibit embodies the celebration of life, packed with thoughtful anecdotes and wise words, along with a certain tipple favoured by the firm.

It also follows the Ghanaian tradition of burying the dead in colourful, unique coffins.

The coffin fitting factory, once world renowned, is now a famous museum and has working with ladies from the Ladywood Project – see what we did there – community group, and artist Sarah Millin in order to create extraordinary exhibits.

Lorraine Kenny from Birmingham Conservation Trust, the charity responsible for the restoration of the factory, had this to say about the exhibition: “It might come as a surprise when you consider the subject matter, but the whole project has been so much fun!

It has been great working with Sarah over six weeks and seeing the beautiful coffins which she has helped us to design and build. The work really captures the essence of the project which is about celebrating our own uniqueness and character, and how we would want the world to remember us.

If you’re interested in taking a gander at the exhibit for the dead, you’ll be happy to know that admission is free and you even have the opportunity to get creative and craft your own miniature coffin… if you can appreciate the irony, of course!

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