Hamburgers by Anderson’s is scouting for a new location in the city centre.

The award-winning steak restaurant will be seen in the Jewellery Quarter, St Paul’s Square – but not as we know, Anderson’s Restaurant will be transformed into Hamburgers by Andersons, a pop-up burger stand!

It will be running Monday through Friday at lunch times. There will also be a new burger delivery service.

The hunt for a compact outlet in the city centre is on to dedicate to Anderson’s burger enterprise.

The skilled team have been working their magic in the past eight months experimenting with seasonings, dry rubs and cure, along with trying out varied cuts and breeds of beef. The beef that has been dry aged for 30 days is at the heart of the menu, however, chicken, fish and veggie burgers will be available.

If you know of the Foodies Festival in Cannon Hill Park, running from the 15th till the 17th May, you may want to check it out if you’d like to sample two of Anderson’s signature burgers, ‘The Big A’ and ‘Lock Stock’, as the stand makes its debut.

We hope Hamburgers by Anderson’s is a great success for its third venture!

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