A couple have spent over a year converting a 1920’s factory, in the Jewellery Quarter, into an unconventional holiday rental.

The factory conversion has remarkable changes, this is the living area
The factory conversion has made remarkable changes
Another angle of the open living space
Another angle of the open living space

Staying in an abandoned factory in Birmingham has never been so inviting.

The Jewellery Quarter building sees its transformation into a s ‘quirky’ spacious guest house.
Jonathan Fuller-Rowell and his partner Katie stumbled across the 1920’s property some time ago and snapped it up upon seeing it.
‘Several years of love and labour’ and the factory is unrecognisable, proving a hit with holiday-makers paying up to £80 per night.

The residence is near St Paul’s Square without the conventional bed and breakfast design, as it has transferable sleeping space, a table tennis game in the living area, bookcase stairs and a permanent resident Greta the cat.

In an advertisement for the renovated factory, Katie wrote: “This is an evolving project and although we feel it is ready for guests we are not claiming perfection, we will endeavour to make your stay as lovely as possible. Come with an open mind and you will not be disappointed.”

So far it seems many guests have posted grateful messages online, after their stay.

A lady named Rita said, “The loft is wonderful. It is a huge and lovely place, bright and spotless clean.”
Whilst Sarah posted,“What can I say…incredibly fabulous!!!!”

Along with many more, every body who visits seems to be impressed with the place!

Let us know if you’d stay in a renovated factory!
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